DevOp/Software Engineer/Software Architect in person. Doing stuff in the IoT branch and other stuff


I started learning programming in ~2011. I started with Minecraft Plugins where I noticed that I really like programming. I developed many plugins for Minecraft and after one year I said to myself I want to become a Software Developer. The most knowledge in Java I taught myself over years where I learned from my mistakes in my code.

After years I noticed that the Spigot API is just an API and my knowledge in dealing with Java is really low. That's where I started to program standalone Java applications where I learned really much about Java itself. That was the point where I started to learn really much about other APIs which helped me much to get to the goal I wanted.

Some APIs / Frameworks that I'm using today

I worked with Java 6-15 in the past years.

Some technology stacks that I used over the past years

Programming languages

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • JavaScript / Typescript
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Programming experience